Slot Machine Review: King Kong Cash

Blueprint Gaming’s King Kong Cash is a 5×3 video slot with 20 win lines and a menagerie of bizarre animal creatures. The number of extras in this slot machine is impressive. In addition to the more standard scatter-triggered bonus games, there are five in-play modifiers based on King Kong emerging from his nap. There are also enough of bonuses to go around; in fact, there are five distinct kinds.

Specifics on King Kong Money

Like many other slot machines, King Kong Cash features wild animals in their natural settings. This is a common notion to slot players, whether they choose Mega Moolah, Raging Rhino, or Jungle Games. King Kong Cash may not have generic characters, though.



King Kong himself is a sluggard, preferring to snooze on the sidelines during the spinning action. Infrequently, he will awaken from his nap, itch his crotch, and cause some mayhem by introducing new twists into the standard spin cycle.


His circle of friends is equally peculiar. One consistent element is that the animals enjoy smoking tobacco. A cravat-clad rhino is seen puffing on a cigar. The tiger has a belt buckle hanging over his right shoulder and is shown puffing on a scarlet pipe. They live in the forest, therefore it goes without saying that they are weird.

What are some of King Kong Cash’s key features?


The Sleepy Kong trigger is the most frequently encountered first King Kong Cash feature. Any given spin has the potential to be derailed by Kong’s unexpected awakening. The following five possibilities are always on the table:


Having 3 or more bonus scatter symbols emerge is made more likely by the Banana Cannon Wilds Golden Barrel Super Spin Bonus Boost.

King Kong Streak Respins the reels while holding the King Kong Cash symbols in place.


The developers at Blueprint Gaming call it “pure monkey madness.” Even weirder, the maximum prize a player may win is 1000 times their total wager or $250,000, whichever comes first. This is considered “extremely cool,” or “top bananas.”


Bets range from a low of 20 cents each spin to a high of $500. Blueprint claims this is the full range of betting values, although the exact numbers will be determined by the operator’s settings for the slot machine. The slot’s value could also be affected by the currency in which it is made available.


After a player has completed a bonus round and won some money, they will be offered the choice to either take their gains or risk them. It’s essentially a “double or nothing” situation in which you may double your money or lose it all. This is the ultimate risk for a gambler, so you may want to avoid it if you’re a cautious player.


Symbols for King Kong’s Cash Machine

Two such icons from the King Kong Cash Slot are the tiger and rhino both of whom are smoking cigarettes. A crocodile, a parrot, and the King Kong Cash logo are some of the others. The bonus scatter symbol is the only symbol the barrel Wild cannot replace.


The remaining four signs indicate the standard playing card values of A, K, Q, and J.


Added Value Functions

The King Kong Bonus is activated if the player is fortunate enough to obtain three or more King Kong Cash bonus symbols. These scatters are harder to catch than the Sleeping Kong ones. But if you get them, you’ll be one step closer to any of these five rewards:


Big Money Bonus Golden Kong Free Spins Barrel Blast King Kong Trail Empire


A Free Game of King Kong Cash

Some online casinos provide a downloadable version of King Kong Cash for free play. However, this is not as typical as it once was. Playing slot machines for fun and for real money is the same in every way. King Kong Cash has a theoretical RTP of 95.79 percent.


Our Concluding Thoughts on King Kong Cash?

If you find the typical pace of reel spinning tedious, you’ll enjoy the many exciting features and bonuses available in King Kong Cash slots. There’s never a quiet moment, and there are so many moving parts to the action that it’s easy to lose track of what could happen next.  You can also play the King Kong slot machine by Playtech if you’re a fan of the King Kong franchise. So get your spin on and let out your inner Kong!



Suitable for both high and low stakes

Stunning visuals

Excellent maximum payout of 1,000 times the value of the Con

ROI that’s below par

There is not a growing pot.






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